Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Haul today

Today I made it to Kmart and was able to get 50 boxes of Capri Sun. They are normally $2.99 each, on sale today for $2.00 each. The sale stacked with the coupon (B1G1 Free) made them just $1.00 each.

50 x $2.99 = $149.50
Sale $2.00 each stacked with B1G1 Free
Final Price $1.00 each = $50.00
Savings of $100.00

If you want to grab this deal, today is the last day. Call your local Kmart and check if they have any. They will have coupons at the service desk.


  1. you REALLY REALLY REALLY like your Capri Sun!!!

  2. Lol Yes, our 3 girls and all their friends do =)

  3. Thanks I ran over to my Kmart and grabbed six boxes of Capri Sun!