Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fake Couponers Exposed AGAIN!!

Wow this person has again amazed me!! I truly can not believe that they have this much time on their hands!! Can you imagine what a great couponer they would be if they actually put all their time into something good!
So today we have discovered some new info. First, pat yourself on the back - Coupon Peeps and Coupon Savings pages have been deleted!! Way to go!! But we are far from to the bottom of all this! There are 2 more pages that are now confirmed to be part of Coupon Peeps - well from the same person. So if you are friends with TODD SILVERSMITH or in I LOVE COUPONS group DELETE THEM!! Please delete and REPORT him. Facebook security is now on it and looking into him/her (whatever it is) and trying to get to the bottom of it. But the more people that report the pages, the more it will help facebook.
(To Report / Block a page: On the left side of their profile page, under their list of friends you will see

  • Suggest Friends

  • Unfriend

  • Report/Block This Person

  • Click on Report/Block this person and then it will ask you why. Click on fake person.
    This will then remove them from your facebook and report them to Facebook.
    Please don't forget to share this with others so we can stop this person!


    1. oh wow! What have they been doing? I know people in the I love coupons group.