Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Pocket

A few weeks ago we got a $1.00/1 (6/26 SS) coupon for Hot Pocket Snacker. While these are still hit or miss at stores since they are new, I was able to pick some up at Safeway to try out. ~ Yesterday I hit the ground running (I still have yet to stop.) I had about 10 things I had to run around to do, then run home grab one thing and then back out the door for a meeting. It was one of those days you were so busy you forgot to eat deals. But on my way out the door I grabbed a bag of the snackers. Right before I ran to the meeting I stopped at my Dad's house, popped these in the microwave (nice romantic dinner hu?)  for me and the hubby. WOW! I was thinking, some pizza roll type thing that the cheese and the inside cook out before you get to eat it..... NO! These are good! They will be perfect for football season when my husbands friends invade, I mean come to watch football! They will also be great for all the hungry neighbor kids come school time!
So next time your shopping stop and pick up a bag. They have a few flavors, I tried the loaded potato skins - YUMMY!!
Have you tried them? What do you think?

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  1. Nestle sent me some coupons to try these for free. I love the potatoe ones but still undecided about whether I like the ravioli or not. I had them plain, perhaps Id like them more dipped in marinara. I have yet to try the nacho or italian but the potatoe ones are a hit across the board in my house