New to Couponing?

Are you new to couponing? Are you just confused? Need a step by step walk through on how to start to save hundreds on your groceries each month? Your in the right place!
Here is a step by step guide on how to coupon. If it works well for you, share it with your friends to help them too.
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Are you ready to start? Here ya go!

What should you be spending?

Day 1 - How to start, where to keep your items, and your binder

Day 2 - Lingo and where to get your coupons 
            Newspaper deals

Day 3 - Store info / policies

Coupon Etiquette

Where to print your coupons

What to do with you expired Coupons?

When to stockpile

Good Days and Bad Days - this just helps you to know you are not alone, some days we just have it harder then others.