Friday, April 8, 2011

When to Stockpile

Did you get a chance to watch TLC's new show Extreme Couponing the other day? At first I was pretty excited about this. Then I realized some of the people they had on the show should have been on TLC's other show Hoarders. I could not believe some of their stockpiles. Yes, you will need to have a stockpile - not a storage unit for you food/items you got on super sale. One of the women got 77 bottles of mustard at .39 each - which was not the greatest sale - and her husband said "and we don't even like mustard." I was amazed! Now don't get me wrong, their couponing skills are AMAZING! But their hording stockpiling skills need some work.
I have started a list for you to use to know what you should and should not stockpile and for what price. With this list and your menu planning, you should be able to keep your stockpile from getting out of control.
Here are a few lists for you to use as a guide. Remember when you see these items on sale, they tend to go on sale every 3-4 months so you should stock up on enough to get you through that long.

FREEBIES (Items you should always be able to stock up on for free)
Shaving Cream
Hair Spray
Body Wash
Pain Meds
Cough/Cold Meds
Paper Plates
Plastic Cups
Juicy Juice
Capri Suns
Hot Dogs
BBQ Sauce
Salad Dressing

As you do more shopping and get to know prices you will be amazed how many prices you know off hand. You will also start to learn how much you should pay for an item.

LOW COST ITEMS  (when to stockpile)

Item                          Good Price                Stockpile Price

Toilet Paper               .35/Roll                       .25/roll
Laundry Detergent      2.00/ gallon         1.50 per bottle
Cleaning Supplies       1.00                            .50 - Free
Paper Plates               .50/pack                      .25/pack
Paper Towels             .50/roll                        .25/roll
Ziplock Bags              1.00/box                    .50/box
Toothpaste                 .50/tube                      Free
Shampoo                   1.00                            .50-Free
Dish Soap                  .50                              .25 - Free
Pads/Tampons           2.00                            1.00 - Free
Good Deodorant        1.00                            .50
Cheap Deodorant        .50                             Free
Men's Body Wash       .50                             Free
Women's Body Wash  1.00                           .50 - Free
J&J Baby Wash          .50                              Free
Baby Food                .30/ Jar        .25/ Jar (make your own for free)
Diapers                      .15/diaper                    .10/diaper
Oatmeal                     1.50/box                      1.00/box
Granola Bars              .75/Box                       .50/Box
Cookies                     1.00                            .50
Cake Mix                   .50/box                       .25 - Free
Cereal                        .75                              .50 - Free
Bisquick                    1.00                             .75
Fruit Snacks/Roll up   .75                              .50
Pasta                          .50/box                       .25/box - Free
Pasta Sauce                .50/jar                         .25/jar - Free
Juice                          1.00/64 oz                   .50/64 oz
Crystal Light              1.00/box                      .75/box
Canned Veggies         .30                              .25
Frozen Veggies          .50/bag                       .25 - Free
Bread                       .75                               .50
Salad Dressing           .50                              .25 - Free
Pop - 12 pack            2.50                            1.75
2 liters                       .50                               .25
Milk                          1.75/gallon                   1.50/gallon
Eggs                         1.00/dozen                    .50/dozen
Cheese                      3.99/ 2 lbs                    3.00/ 2lbs
Ground Beef             1.80/lb                          1.50/lb
Chicken                    1.99/lb                          1.75/lb

This list should help you set a base line on when to buy items. Remember it will take time to build your stockpile - it does not happen overnight. But once it starts and you find a few good deals, it will grow pretty quick. Here are a few pictures of my pantry after just stocking up for about 2 weeks. - There was food in there before, just the multiple items were stocked up on. (please excuse the mess!!)
I hope with these baselines it gives you an idea on what you should be paying.
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Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Thank You so much, this really helped a lot. I'm new to couponing and could use all the help I can get:)

  2. Thank you very much. I am also new to couponing and that list is extremely helpful.

  3. This article was so extremely important to me. I know what to pay for certain items. Love thie pics. You have a nice storage pantry. Thanks so much for sharing. Learning Coupons :)