Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Save Money on your Fruit and Veggies!

Wow, just found these great deals! - thought you may want to take a look too! I have been looking for some great deals on tomato plants and blueberries! You can save so much money just by growing these two and both of them you can do on your porch - no garden required. My kids love to just pick them and eat them when they are play - who can say no to that!

Blueberry Giant
Grow Delicious Blueberries in your very own home! Get 2 Plants for Only $10 + P&H PLUS a FREE Bonus Plant.

Tomato Giant

Grow your very own big, juicy tomatoes this season in your very own home. 3 Giant Tomato Trees for Only $10 + S&H and Get 3 Big Earlies Free.

When you place your order - don't forget about MOM! 11 more days till Mother's day!

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