Monday, July 11, 2011

School Supplies

Are we really already talking school supplies already? My kids got out of school less then a month ago. **Sigh** Here we go again!!
I have got a few emails lately on where and when to get the best prices on school supplies. I made up a stock up price list. I hope it helps, print it out and take it with you.
Please remember that we have all been very blessed to have learned how to coupon and how to get these things for next to nothing. When you are stocking up for your child, try to grab a few extra to donate to the school. You would not believe how many kids come to schools without items. You could spend less then a $1.00 and have 3-4 things.
Have a good Monday evening!

School Supply Item
Stock Up Price
24 Color Pencils
Box of # 2 Pencils
Paper - Wide or College ruled
 $.50 per pack
Spiral Notebooks
Glue Sticks
Erasers - top of pencils -box
Erasers - big pink
Pins = Bic type pens
Paint - watercolor
Composition Book

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  1. Where can you find these prices on school supplies.