Thursday, July 7, 2011


This makes me sick! In the last week alone I have seen "fake couponers" and now this. What is wrong with people? Let me break this down for the people who think they can get away with this.
- A manufacturer wants you to buy their product - they make a coupon for you so it will entice you to buy it
- You buy their product at the store. The store takes your coupon, sends it to a coupon clearinghouse and gets a check back for the coupon amount and $.08 for handling.
- The Coupon clearinghouse then sends the coupons back to the manufacturer.
When there is a fake coupon that is out there the store, the coupon clearinghouse and everyone else does not get reimbursed. They all end up a little upset at this - which then makes them a little upset at couponers.
Please do not ruin it for all of us. We enjoy saving money and some of truly need coupons to just make it day to day!
I applaud Pepsi Co and Gatorade for trying to find this person!! - BTW, I wouldn't mind finding them myself and taking the $10,000 reward!
Please pass this on and lets catch this person!

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