Friday, July 22, 2011

How you know your raising Couponers

Every once in awhile I have to brag about my kids.... Sorry it's just a Mom thing :) But this one, I still laugh at.
Tonight my family and I took a trip to the Washington State History Museum. It was a blast - not to mention it was free! Can't beat that right. So we were walking along checking out all the exhibits, when out of no where my youngest daughter sprints over to this stack of newspapers and SCREAMS out.... "HEY MOM, HERE ARE YOUR COUPONS!!" LOL! I could not stop laughing. Another Mom in the room looks over at me.... "Are you one of those coupon people?" "Yep, that's Me!" I said. She laughed and said, "Looks like your teaching her, (my daughter) good."
I guess she is learning young.......... She knows to tell me where there are blinkies in the store, if she sees coupons or newspapers laying somewhere. - She will have this down pat to share with all her fellow kindergarten classmates very soon.

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