Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Bumpy Take Off

Blogging? What is a Blog asked my husband. I had told him that I wanted to start a blog to help other Mom's cut corners and save money. He looked at me pretty puzzled. I smiled, and said, "I just hope I can figure it out."  
I had started couponing about a year ago. I loved it! It is AMAZING to me that I was spending so much money before I ever knew how to do this. The only problem was I could take a whole day to find deals. I would literally sit down to the computer at 9am and not get up till 4pm, just to find deals, (ok maybe my facebook addiction had some time in there also.) Yeah it saved us money, but I now had no time. I would go from this money saving site to this freebie site to this coupon site and hoped that I didn't miss anything in between. That is when I realized that there needed to be a site with EVERYTHING on it. And after searching long and hard for it, I decided that I would just make one. So that brings us here. I hope to bring you everything you need to save money and time for your family. I also hope the more followers we get one here the more you can help me find deals.... if you see something, please let me know. I will get it up for others asap. (Thanks in advance!!) This may be a bumpy take off but I hope to get the hang of it soon. If any other "Bloggy Peeps" have any advice they would like to offer up to me, please feel free! - Email me anytime with anything @ Thanks again! Here come the deals.....!!!


  1. Great thing u r doing. I have been coupling for about 2 years and use the same binder system u do. Good luck with this.

  2. Thank you so much Angie! Glad you had a chance to come and check it out!! I hope it will help others.

  3. I've been running a coupon blog out of the Tacoma area for 2 years and need to encourage you not to put pressure on you to find EVERYTHING. I spend 30+ hours on my blog per week and there is no way I could attempt that. It's more than just finding deals and posting them, as I'm sure you'll soon come to find out. ;) My advice would be to pick a few things to really focus on and do them well. Don't worry if you can't find everything. ;) For instance, not many coupon blogs focus on GF deals, or pet deals. See what's out there, and what's missing and go for it.

    Give yourself time to develop your blog. I know the ideas are all new and fresh, but know that you don't have to have everything up right away. It's SUPER easy to get burned out, so I can't stress pacing yourself enough.

    Finally, make time to get to know the other bloggers in your niche (yes there are several of us in this area ;) ) and link to them liberally as you have found deals or content they've written that you've drawn inspiration from. It's a great way to get on their radar (not to mention, good etiquette).

    I hope all that is useful. I actually just finished a series on blogging which included everything from time management, improving your posts, and social media etiquette. You can find it on the "blogging" section of my site if you are interested. Many people left VERY helpful comments.

    Good luck with your new blog! Mine has been such a roller coaster adventure and I love helping support my family by doing something I love. ;)

    - Angela (The Coupon Project)

  4. Angela is 100% right. Most blogs start off with a bang & fizzle out because the blogger gets worn out. Pace yourself & know that you can't do it all (none of us can!). If you can embrace that, you should be good.

    Oh, & yes....always link back to your source when you find a deal online! It's the unwritten rule & you'll benefit greatly by doing so (connections, SEO, etc). Happy blogging!