Friday, April 29, 2011

Want your Newspaper for free?

I got my coupon helpers ready to go! This weeks Sunday inserts are going to be good!! We will be getting a total of 4!!!! Get your scissors ready to go!

Here are a few!
Smartsource coupon insert #2
Act Dry Mouth bottle $2 (5/31)
Act bottle 16.9oz+ $1 (5/31)
Allegra, Allegra-D or any Children’s Allegra $5 (5/7)
Ascriptin $1.50 (7/31)
Benefiber $1 (7/16)
Benefiber Plus Heart Health product $2 (7/16)
Bufferin 130 ct $1 (7/31)
Dannon Greek 5.3 oz cups .50/2 (5/31)
Doans Extra Strength Caplets $1 (7/31)
Excedrin 20 ct+ .75 (6/4)
Excedrin 80 ct+ $1.50 (6/4)
Gas-X $1 (7/16)
Gas-X Prevention $1 (7/16)
Good Nites Jumbo Pack+ $2 (5/14)
Huggies Little Swimmers $2 (5/14)
Huggies Little Swimmers Sun Care product $1 (5/14)
Huggies Pull Ups Jumbo pack+ $1.50 (5/14)
Huggies Diapers $1.50 (5/14)
Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers $2 (5/14)

You can check out all of them at Sunday Paper Preview

Are you getting your Sunday Paper for just $1.00 and your daily paper free? Your Not? Then I have an offer for you!!

Give The News Tribune (1-800-289-8711) or The Olympian (1-800-905-0296) a call and tell them you want the LIVINGP2P Offer!
This offer will give you 3-6 copies (you must get 3 or more) of the Sunday paper (lots of inserts this way - YEAH!!) You will also get your daily paper delivered to you for FREE!! - Just make sure you tell them you want the LIVINGP2P special!!
Email me - if you have any questions or problems with this!
Give them a call today and start getting your inserts this Sunday! Don't forget offer code: LIVINGP2P

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