Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ways to save/earn money

So I have got a few emails lately about what sites to sign up for to get the best samples, coupons and freebies from. There are a few that you defiantly want to sign up with!!
Here is a list and links to get yours today.

Vocal Point - This is a Free site that has great info and lots of freebies. Sign up for an account and check in every once in awhile. They will send you out freebies and coupons. All they ask is that you tell them what you though about the item on their site. This week I got free 1 - International Delights creamer and 5 coupons for $.55 off of my future purchases. You will get a freebie sample from them every few weeks.

Right At Home - This is a great site for samples and freebies. A few times a month they put info out on their site to get a sample. This month I have got 3 so far. Philadelphia Cooking Cream, Jell-O Temptations, and Brinks Cottage Cheese.

Groupon - They don't give out freebies - but they have AWESOME deals! Most of their deals are 50% off or more. They make great gifts too!!

P&G Solutions - This is a free site to sign up with that gives out freebies and coupons. Check in with it every so often and see what they have for you.

WomenFreebies - Free site for women. Get freebies and coupons. Love this site!! You can also Like their facebook page for extra coupons but to get their news letter with the freebies and coupons, sign up with them.

Ebates is a great one to sign up with! You don't get freebies but you do get paid to shop. Each time you make a purchase with their over 1200 stores, you get a percent back. Easy way to make money buying what you already needed!

Restaurant.com is a great one to get gift certs from restaurant - $25.00 for 80% off! And if you buy it through Ebates, you get money back!

Freeflys has lots of name brand samples. Sign up for free and check in to find freebies

Kelloggs - sign up now, get your $5.00 off coupons and then check their site for samples and coupons from time to time. This one helps a lot to save extra on your ceareal.

Livingsocial - this is a great place to get deals on restaurants, spas ect. Each day they have a new deal!

Here are the places you want to check out if you need to print out some coupons!

Coupons.com - Print all your "printable" coupons from here. But also sign up for their newsletter and get other coupons not available to others!

Save at CoolSavings with grocery coupons, free stuff offers, discount codes, tips and more!

Redplum also has the coupons you can print out for grocery items. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get extra savings that way.

So sign up for these today, and start receiving your freebies and coupons soon.

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