Monday, May 23, 2011

Restaurant Deals

***** RESTAURANT.COM UPDATE = Use code: FLAG to get 80% off your order. Use with EBATES and you will only be paying for 5%!! Time to stock up on gift cards!*****
Check out this Restaurant deal that I just found - just in time for Father's Day!
I'm pretty excited about this one!!

So have you heard of It's this awesome website that you buy gift cards to local restaurants for 70-80% off! So your $25.00 gift card is going to be $2.00 - $3.00! AMAZING deals! With our family of 5 this is about the only way we can afford to go out and eat anymore!
But this deal just got even sweeter! If you go and buy your gift card from through EBATES - your going to get 15% of that money back - so your pretty much getting your gift card for only 5-15% of what your going to get! WHOOOO HOOOO! I love deals like this. ~ Now we can all take our Dad's out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for Father's Day.

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