Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you Donate?

As a couponer you more then likely end up with lots of extra things. Do you keep them? Do you donate them? Do you give them to friends and family? My husband and I think of it this way.... We have been very blessed to learn how to coupon, and get so many items for free. Since we get them for free we like to stock up on an item and give some of it away. We truly will not go through 100 deodorants in a month - and lord knows you can find those for free everyday. So we buy more when we can and then give them away.
About once a month my husband and I like to clean out the stockpile and see if there is anything we can giveaway. If you know someone who has fallen on a hard time, we will see what we can give them. We also like to give to our local food bank. You can also donate shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc to your food banks. They don't get a lot of these items and we as couponers get a lot of them for free.
In conjunction with our Couponing for the Troops - we are also going to be doing a program soon that we will be sending care packs to our men and women overseas. (I hope to get the info up in the next week.) So this would be another great way to help someone out. What can you do today to help someone else out?

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