Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Winco Trip 5/25

Have you ever ran to the store for just one good deal and end up with a cart full.... that was me today. I had placed an order a few days ago for 40 boxes of Arm & Hammer Dryer sheets and was told these would be in today. I had a coupon - $3.00/2 Arm & Hammer Dryer sheets - SS 4/10(I think???) These were $1.48 each. Buying 2 per coupon brought the total to $2.96 - with a coupon overage of $.04 for each 2 I bought. Since Winco does not give you cash back I wanted to use my overage so here is what else I bought.

8 - Franks Red Hot Wing sauce - 1.48ea
                               $1.00/1 Franks Wing sauce - SS 5/15
                               Total - $.48 each
                               4 - King's Hawaiian Sandwich Buns - $1.48ea
                               $1.00/1 Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Buns SS 5/15
                               Total $.48 each

                              3 - Tabasco Sauce - $.98
                              $.60/1 Tabasco Sauce - SS 5/15
                              Total $.38 each

                              3 - Mahatma Brown Rice - $.85
                              $.75/1 Mahatma Rice
                              Total $.10 each

                              2 - Ken's Dressing - $1.78 (these are not a great buy but I needed them for a salad I was making)
                              $1.00/1 Ken's Dressing
                              Total $.78 each
                              Total before coupons - $91.52
                              Sub Total - $7.96
                              Tax - $5.51
                              Total - $13.74
                              Total Savings - $78.05

I think this turned out to be a pretty good haul. (sorry there were not great pictures, I had already given some of it away and put the rest away before I remembered the pictures, but you get the idea.)
The best part of this trip was the manager had to come over to override the savings (I love it when that happens!!) And he questioned taking a coupon, making the overage. And I said, "it states in your coupon policy........" and proceeded to pull it out and he laughed and said, "you have it in your binder?" I said, "Of course, it helps in times like this." He just said, never mind and proceeded to do it.
At the end of the transaction there had been a gentleman behind me that was pretty upset with the coupons and having to wait to the manager and such. I got done bagging my items and walked over to him with 3 boxes of the dryer sheets and said, "You can have these, I love buying extra and being able to donate them and give them to people. Thank you for waiting so I was able to buy them." The look on his face was PRICELESS! Have you ever had someone upset in line and done something to change their mind?

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  1. I love how you handled the situation with the other customer! While I'm not yet able to do well with coupons (but I'm trying to learn), I've been buying my family's groceries in 1-month supplies all along. I'm on EBT and WIC (though I'm hoping to change that and wondering if it's possible with couponing) and WIC puts different items on different vouchers in my state so I have to do multiple transactions and they have to be organized. I never know how to deal with the people in line behind me who are sighing heavily or making under-the-breath commentary. I usually smile and apologize for taking so long. It's harder when my 4yo and my 8mo are with me and making a fuss about the long shopping trip.