Saturday, September 24, 2011

Entertainment Books

The start of fall is one of my favorite times of the year! Not for the normal reasons everyone likes bu the leaves changing beautiful colors, the crisp clean air, the pumpkin spiced lattes (though don't get me wrong those are great!!!) But for someone like me who is addicted loves to coupon, the fall time is when I can get the best deal on our local Entertainment Books! (Whoooo Hooooo my happy dance is going on as we speak!!) If your a veteran couponer I'm sure your doing your happy dance too! If your new to couponing, this is A MUST HAVE to add to your coupons!!
The Entertainment Books gives you coupons specific to any local area you choose. So not only can you buy one for your home and use it daily, but if your planning a vacation you can purchase one for the area your travailing and save tons of money. These are also WONDERFUL for Christmas gifts. Not only will your friends who coupon love to get one, but your child's teacher, the baseball coach, your church, etc.
These books have $1000s of dollars in coupons savings in each one. They will pay for themselves in just 2 trips to the grocery store. There are coupons to save $5.00 - $10.00 per trip to Safeway, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.
These books are normally $35.00 each, but they are on sale for $25.00 through SEPTEMBER 30th! But what is even better if you place your order here online before the 30th you will get an extra $5.00 off, making them just $20.00 each! - SUPER STOCK UP DEAL!!!
So how do you order these for you, your family and your friends? You can place your order HERE. It will ask you for your group or seller ID. To get your book for just $20.00 and FREE shipping,  you must put in SELLER ID # 114565. You can then choose what state and area you would like your book for. Remember to get your orders in before the 30th to save an extra $15.00!
Once you get your book let me know your favorite coupons! I love hearing about other great deals! Also, have you ordered these before? Who do you give them to?

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