Monday, October 10, 2011

Didn't Get Coupons.....

So did you get the Dr. Pepper and Purina Dog food coupons in your inserts? I have had  quite a few people let me know that they did not. The only think that I can figure out, is that each of them bought their papers at the store. And either someone went to each store and just took those coupons (pretty unlikely) or what I think has happened is that Smart Source, Red Plum and others might be just starting to put out the high value coupons just in the subscription papers, not the store papers.
Has this happened to you? Did you buy your paper from the store or was it delivered to your home?
If you didn't get them and you do want to get a subscription for just $1.00 per paper and your daily paper for free then head over here and get the info. Give them a call today and make sure you don't miss anymore high value coupons!! DON'T FORGET TO GIVE THEM THE CODE: LIVING P2P or else you will be billed the normal rate!!!

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